COPD Nursing Diagnosis

COPD is a respiratory disease. COPD means Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. With this the person suffers from airflow limitation or is also called as airway destruction.

This COPD mainly involves with two kinds of related diseases known as ‘Chronic Bronchitis and ‘Emphysema’. Though Asthma involves in to much of airway inflammation, mucous plugging, narrow airway, this kind of symptoms also relate to COPD.  

Nursing Diagnosis for COPD

  1. There will be an Ineffective breathing pattern which is

related to: shortness of breath,bronchoconstriction, mucus, airway irritants.

  1. Aso there will be an Ineffective Airway Clearance, wholly

related to: increased sputum production, bronchoconstriction, ineffective cough,

bronchopulmonary infection, fatigue / lack of energy.

  1. There is an Impaired Gas Exchange which is

related to: ventilation perfusion inequality.

4.Mostly there will be an Imbalanced Nutrition: less than body requirements

  1. There is Activity Intolerance

related to: imbalance between oxygen supply with demand.

  1. The person undergoes a Disturbed sleep pattern which is

related to: discomfort, sleeping position.

  1. Anxiety grows and clearly this is

related to: threat to self-concept, threat of death, purposes that are not being met.

  1. Ineffective Individual Coping to others and this further leads to disturbance of the state of mind.

related to: anxiety, lack of socialization, depression, low activity levels and an inability to work.

  1. Self-care Deficit : Bathing / Hygiene Self-care deficit

related to: fatigue secondary to increased respiratory effort and ventilation and oxygenation insufficiency.

  1. Knowledge Deficit

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