Ineffective Airway Clearance Nursing Diagnosis and Care Plan

Ineffective Airway Clearance-

The inability to clear out the secretions or the obstructions from the respiratory tract to maintain a clear airway. There should be natural and also  effortless breathing. There are some people who are not capable who have the incapability of breathing as the airway is blocked and the lungs have the risk in taking breathe.

The mechanism is that the person should be given the treatment and make sure that the person is being treated by giving the necessary precautions and also help the patient to clear the airway and give the person a good and an easy way of breathing.

Ineffective Airway Clearance Defining Characters

There is some basic signs and symptoms of Ineffective Airway Clearance.
Abnormal breath sounds (crackles, rhonchi, wheezes)
Excessive secretions
Inability to remove airway secretions
Abnormal respiratory rate, rhythm, and depth
Ineffective or absent cough

Related Factors of Ineffective Airway Clearance

There are some basicand maybe related factors of Ineffective Airway Clearance

Airway spasm/asthma
Impaired respiratory muscle function
Neuromuscular function
Presence of artificial airway
Decreased energy and fatigue
Tracheobronchial infection
Tracheobronchial obstruction (foreign body aspiration)
Copious and tenacious tracheobronchial secretions

Nursing Diagnosis OF Ineffective Airway Clearance

Make sure that there is an assess airway for the patency.
The airway should be maintained and that should always be first priority, when the person is facing trauma, acute neurological decompensation or the cardiac arrest.

The assess respirations should be noted about the quality, rate, pattern, the depth, the use of accessory muscles and also the position of breathing.
Through this the respiration condition is known and also tracts the abnormal charges that are going through. This indeed a good way in making a clear idea about the actual track of the problem.

Test cough for the effectiveness  and also for the productivity. With this the actual rate of breath can be counted.  It considers the possible causes that are responsible for the ineffective cough, respiratory muscle fatigue, severe bronchospasm and other indications that are much in to note.

Let the presence of sputum, assess the quality and also the colour, the amount, odour and the consistency should be noted, and thus taken into consideration. A sign of infection is discoloured sputum, there will be indications  the actual root of the problem.

There should be the monitorization of the arterial blood gases. The increase in the paco2 and in its decrease  show the signs of the respiratory failure. This can be an indication to keep the medication under a proper way and enable the patient to know the condition and keep the medication under process.

Make a note of the pain in the airway. Through which the pain area is known and further makes a proper root of defining the actual treatment that is needed. The postoperative pain can result in shallow breathing and an ineffective cough. This makes a mere disturbance to the patient.and further increases the breathing, making a hardened way of making the patient to keep in control of the patient’s regular activities.

Make sure that the patient is assisted in performing coughing and also breathing manoeuvres.
This helps in knowing the productivity of the cough and also helps in checking the level of the airway passage that is taken by the patient.

Let the patient be encouraged of the oral intake of the fluids and should be kept in note that this should be kept within the limits of the cardiac reserve. This indeed stands one of the useful way of letting the methods to be known and further helps in preventing of the secretions to be dried.

Learning is indeed another way in helping the patient to know the condition and also it helps their family to keep up the pace in medication and also about the diet, which will indeed make the patient to turn into a good condition.  The patient will be able to understand the rationale and also the appropriate techniques to keep the the clear of secretions, this indeed is one of the most useful and also considered to be one of the most prominent methods in making the patient to be aware of the condition that the body is going through.


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